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Research, Relevance, Reputation

A few months ago, the owner of Marshall’s Express Moving hired us to help make their web site,, rank better in local searches. In northern New Jersey the moving industry is very competitive. The NY/NJ Metro area is home to many large moving companies and  franchises that have much larger marketing budgets than an…
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Consider a Newsletter

An effective way to add content to a web site is to create a monthly newsletter. Writing a newsletter establishes credibility and sets you and your business apart from the rest. In addition to keeping your business in the forefront of people’s minds as an expert in your field, the newsletter can be posted to…
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Local Search is King

Local search results are key to storefront businesses and service businesses who rely on customers to find them on their phones and laptops. Our client, Mobile Mower Repair, has a retail business location where they sell lawn and power equipment but their primary business has always been on site lawn mower and snow blower repairs.…
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Lead Generation using a short email form

The owner of the web site has a few web sites, each representing a part of his junk removal/small moving company. The purpose of this site was lead generation for small local moving jobs. Using a short email form, we only require two pieces of information: location and email. Once the short form is…
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“Microsites” add focus to keyword selection

If your web site has a lot of competition in search engines, consider creating a small web site, or a Microsite, for just a part of your business, or if you have one, a sideline of your main business. We did this for LADD Security in 2008 and now the Microsite has become the main…
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Web sites that work

You can get your web site to work at generating new business by ranking well in search engines such as Google. The web site currently has six top five rankings in Google and traffic to the web site increased in 2015 82% over the previous year. Included in our search engine work was a…
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Your web site should fit your business

When creating a web site for the first time it’s important to keep in mind that your web site represents you and/or your business. We work with our clients to create the best online presence possible. Our example,, has been created using WordPress and uses the same colors as the radio station where the…
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Use search key words in your domain name

One of the best examples of using search words in your domain name is the web site To get more new customers and to compete with other auto body shops in the area, we helped Barry, the owner, to pick out a domain name that best describes what he does. The domain name…
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What’s in a good domain name?

Fifteen years ago we started working on the web site We worked updating the web site and also ran a Google Adwords campaign and did the search engine optimization work that was necessary to get the site in the top three listings on Google. Fast forward to 2016,